Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Travel Nap Mat For Kids


Travel Nap Mat - Perfect for Daycares, Travel, Family Visits and More! A complete solution that includes a sleeping mat, blanket and pillow that rolls into one simple, easy to carry cylinder.
Junior Nap Mats

Suitable for 5-12+ year old
Mat 170 x 60cm
Blanket 170 x 85cm

Deluxe Cotton Nap Mats
Mat 125 x 52cm
Blanket 105 x 72cm

Key Features:
- Made from 100% cotton for comfort against children’s skin
- Longer blanket - 100cm for longer bodies
- Thicker mat for more comfortable sleep
- Tested against toddlers and washing machines
- Soft quilted blanket and mat
- Removable, high quality pillow
- Convenient carrying handle with buckles
- Perfect for sleepovers, day care and road trips
- Machine washable
- Stain resistant
- Easy to roll, clip and carry

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